Nothing quite relates to the amazing and scenic Southwestern scenery you’ll find on a motorcycle road tour in California and Arizona. This rugged and hot terrain is home to some of the most far-out motorcycle rides found on the world. This is a sanctuary for those bikers who want the unparalleled freedom of the American West.

Angeles Crest Highway

This motorcycle route is best described as the mountain rural and is loaded with alpine scenery only several minutes away from the downtown Los, Angeles, California. In case you didn’t know yet, the development on this road is constrained so you’ll see more mountains and forest throughout your ride. There’s many twisting roads and segments that reach altitudes more than 7000 feet.

Death Valley

Regardless of its name, Death Valley offers some of the most majestic landscape on the planet. Here, you will find the desert scenery to leaves its mark forever in the back of your mind after your initial ride. The mountains are sophisticated and contrast between reddish and blonde brown.

Route 36

If you’re wanting for a fun ride to sit back and enjoy the beautiful sight around you, then Route 36 might not be your ideal option. However, if you’ve been living that bike for quite some time now, then maybe the twists and turns in Route 36 will make you feel as if you are in heaven. You will begin in Rebuff, CA on highway 36 and route west towards Fortuna, CA. you’ll know you are in the right place if you see the windy signs, which tells “Next 140 Miles.”

Scenic Route to the Grand Canyon

You can take the 660-mile tour of the lovely northern Arizona before riding into the Grand Canyon. Your motorcycle ride has it all; open the desert to winding mountain passes. This is best done in four days or longer to enable for exploration and sightseeing. Best done in late spring to early fall because of snow at higher elevations.

Fountain Hills, Bartlett Lake

The 145 miles offers a good combination of natural beauty, suburban, and culture, topped with a sense of old western flavor. Passing the picturesque location of the sought after Mayo Clinic, you begin to ascend to Fountain Hills, one of the newest desert colonies in Arizona. Once you go uphill, keep in the right lane and pay attention for the amazing turnout that offers you an aerial sight of the East Valley. By the end of this motorcycle ride, it will be shadowy as you head to Phoenix or Scottsdale, so pay attention for the wide vista of glistening city lights on the left as you turn into Happy Valley Road.

There you have it, the scenic motorcycle roads in California and Arizona. To sum up, make sure that before you plan a ride on these unpaved motorcycle roads in California and Arizona, ensure that your bike is always equipped for such a ride and the bikers are prepared with the proper motorcycle riding skills.

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