What is Adventurify?

Our mission is to build the premier platform for adventure travel seekers to connect with local adventure travel entrepreneurs. Our partners seek to deliver responsible, authentic and specialized adventure travel experiences. We aim to give our travel partners a flexible platform for business and customer engagement, allowing them to maximize their brand exposure.

What is Adventure Travel?

Adventure travel is defined as a trip that has at least two of the three following components; physical activity, natural environment and cultural immersion. An example of this would be trekking (physical activity) the Inca trail (natural wonder) to reach the ruins of Machu Picchu (cultural immersion). Another good example would be mountain biking the Himalayan trails in Nepal to reach Kathmandu through the natural wonders of Himalayas while experiencing the culture and history of Nepal.

Why do we need this?

Adventure Travel is a highly-fragmented market and results in a lot of frustration for the customer to research activities at their destination. The local adventure tour operators in those destinations lack the means for customer discovery and outreach available to big tour companies, thus limiting their ability for customer outreach.

In the current state a customer wishing to look for activities at a destination needs to search for them on a search engine with a generic query. These queries return results which are incomplete and present no context on the availability and/or the quality of the operator. Our aim is the rectify this and present the most comprehensive list of adventure travel tour operators at a destination in an easy and user focussed format.

The objective of our platform is to be the premier place for customers to research about the adventure activities that are available at their destination along with the operators that are offering those activities.

What will we do?

Adventurify aims to be the premier adventure experience research destination. Our aim is to discover partners that offer interesting and bespoke experiences to our customers. We will work closely with our adventure tour operating partners to find and make these experiences available for our customers. As and when we have new experiences available we will make them available on Adventurify so that our customers can experiences that will leave them with lasting and memorable moments.


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